About me

My name is Roland Weigert, and I live in Germany. (Bavaria in special)
I am working as an equipment engineer for Texas Instruments in Freising.

I started programming (again) when I was learning about databases in technician-school.
Something made click in me and K-Yamo was born.I started just with a proof of concept, that I can manage C++, Qt and MySQL.
My former programming-tries where on other Computers than the Linux-System I use now.

Why I write K-Yamo

Since I really love music, and have therefore a lot of mp3-files, I came in need for a programm organizing all of my music for me. I have a lot of songs (so about 16000), and some of them are not propper tagged, because I was not organizing propper in the beginning. I was looking for a programm doing all the cleanup-process for me, but I could not find a programm matching my needs. Than my interrest in databases got woken up, and I had the right ideas, and started working on that ideas. K-Yamo is getting more and more the tool I always wanted to have for music-organizing. Be sure that I use my own programm since version 0.2b for all my cd-ripping and file-tagging.


Top ten music

  1. The great cold distance by Katatonia
  2. Final conversation of Kings by The Butterfly Effect (A really good album)
  3. Mabool by Orphaned Land
  4. Fiction by Dark Tranquility
  5. Red album by Baroness
  6. I by Xerath
  7. Lazarus Bird by Burst
  8. Zombieactionhaupquartier by Callejon
  9. Holographic Universe by Scar Simmetry
  10. No world for tomorrow by Coheed and Cambria

Newest Cds:

Top five books

  1. Kinder der Nacht by Dan Simmons
  2. Die Hyperiongesänge by Dan Simmons
  3. Gyre by Clive Barker
  4. Imagica by Clive Barker
  5. Eine Tiefe am Himmel by Vernor Vinge

Reading at the moment: